In the Old Testament, God’s people gave a tenth (tithe) of all their increase to God in response to his generous blessings to them. It was to be given generously with much rejoicing, not legalisticly (see Numbers 18, Deuteronomy 12, 14, 26:2).

Having received the tithe from Israel, God then redirects it to His work – to the tabernacle/temple priests and Levites, as well as to those in need, such as the widow, orphan and alien.

As God’s people today we still to give back to God in response to his generous blessings to us. Indeed we have received God’s ultimate generosity to us in the redeeming death of his Son. A life shaped by the Gospel results in cheerful and generous giving give (2 Corinthians 8-9)!

We are no longer under the law but are gloriously free to give generously in proportion to what God has entrusted to us for the building of His Kingdom.

How can I give?

At Morwell there are two main ways you can give. The preferred method is via Direct Deposit as it means we don’t have to count the money or attend the bank. The account details are below. You can also give in person through the general collection which is taken up near the end of the service.

Account Details

  • Account Name: Presbyterian Church Morwell
  • BSB: 633 000
  • Account Number: 142 709 898

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