Regional Church Planting Strategy


Charles Chaney, says that there is often a lack of regional church strategy. While his book is a little dated, and very Americocentric, particularly focusing on the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in the SCS (South Central States) and NSC (North Central States), it does spend quite a bit of time outlining how the SBC determined the most needy places for church plants.

Also there seems to be little in the way of regional strategy. The QLD AOG have as a goal of one church for every 10,000 people in QLD, and have gone a long way to reaching the goal. Now there is about 1/13,500 people. But there doesn’t seem to be a regional strategy. Will every town of >500 have a church, or will all the churches be in the big smoke, so that the average for the state is 1/10,000.