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Last update: Sunday 28 June 2020, 2:35pm

Sunday Service livestream

Please join us from 10am each Sunday as we worship God. The YouTube link is channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4r8_FFaGTQOKWl_wXrsgQ

General Information

At times like this we are often keen to have up to date information. We also have a myriad of sources available to us on the internet, some less accurate, some more speculation. Please make use of official, verifiable and reliable information available from the following sources.

The Commonwealth Government has activated the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19.

As of Monday 22 June 2020 meetings within churches are limited to 20 people.

dHHS restriced activity directions no. 10

Congregational Meeting Minutes

Draft minutes for the congregational meeting held on Sunday 28th June 2020 are available below.

What now?

In the meantime there are a number of great resources available and we commend the following for your encouragement: